Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in Media, PA

Organized business records and a set of accurate books are the mark of successful small business owners in Media, PA.  With accurate books, business owners can make decisions related to new hires, expansion and purchase of new equipment all with the confidence that their business value is accurately recorded. These happy owners have time to focus on their own business with confidence that their books are up to date and accurate.

The Million Dollar Question – how do I know if my Media small business needs professional bookkeeping help?

Are you spending countless hours tracking and sorting invoices and bills?
Do you have recurring problems with your accounting software, point of sale or QuickBooks?
Have you hired a person (or a few different people) to help with QuickBooks, yet the numbers just don’t make sense?
Do you dread meeting with your accountant to discuss your books?
Have you been denied a bank loan or financing because your books are not adequate?
Tired of the fly by night services where you trust your records to a distant person you’ve never met?

In Media, you can gain the confidence that your business books are accurate, up to date and meeting accounting rules and changing tax laws whether you have someone responsible for bookkeeping or not. And you will have a local team, one right next door, to answer your questions.

Services are designed to meet your specific needs as the Media business owner: 

  • On Site bookkeeping with option for bill pay
  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Quarterly and annual clean-ups

We are a team of accountants and bookkeepers, QuickBooks certified and proudly serving customers in Media, PA, located in Delaware County and designated as the county seat. Communities within Media include Rose Valley, Upper Providence Township, Nether Providence Township, Middletown Township, Bortondale, Riddlewood, and Lima. Media offers residential neighborhoods, shopping, entertainment, dining and a rich history dating back to William Penn.

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"The team at GSM is an amazingly talented group of people who know my business better than I know it myself"
David, 320 Market Cafe
Media, PA